Metrodome Reopening Awaits Assessment and Repair Progress is reporting that it may take until at least until the end of March to reopen the Metrodome to scheduled events as a result of the air supported fabric roof collapse that occurred on December 12, 2010.  As for the roof, investigations continue as to the cause of the roof failure and the full extent of the requied repairs.  At this point the manufacturer of the roof fabric, Birdair, which is located in Amherst near Buffalo, is working with stadium officials to enact repairs.  Current estimates put the number of needed repair panels at 9 out of the just over 100 panels in the roof system.

A number of events scheduled for the Metrodone have been cancelled or relocated.  The longer the facility is out of use, the more the debate will rage in the Minneapolis area about the need for the construction of a new faclity for Vikings football.

For more information on the collapse and related roof failures of the past, see the original December 12, 2010 Building Failures Forum posting.

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