Weird Failures Log Launched

Weird, Humorous and “Strange But True” Failures

The Lighter side of failures:  We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

Failures as defined at BFF is any system that does not perform as intended.  This definition goes beyond the catastrophes and major building collapses and results in a tremendous number of examples of failed building systems of one kind or another.  A small number of these are funny, cartoonish or just plain weird.

We never want to wish anyone harm or dismiss the misfortune of others.  However, humor is a good way to relieve stress and keep from taking yourself too serious.  In that vein, BFF is launching a section on Weird, Humorous and “Strange But True” Failures that can be found in the Weird Failures tab on the top of the main menu.

 For example, check out the first official listing.  Roof Collapse Blamed on Bird Droppings:  “It’s definitely compromised” noted the local fire chief.  1/26/11  Believe it or not, bird droppings are actually a legitimate roof overload concern and this happens more often than you would guess.   As far back as 2003 I was alerting my students to this little known load condition due to a roof collapse in Santiago Chile as a result of 15 years of accumulated pigeon droppings… Can you picture this in a room with a ceiling fan???  

In 1996, in cartoon-like fashion, a large boulder rolled down a hill and struck a Wal-Mart store in Dickson City, PA.  Due to an unstable slope at the site, the entire store was eventually relocated.  Speaking of Wal-Mart, they also experienced a rodent infestation at a store in Oklahoma due to missing rodent guards during initial construction resulting in a claim for $1.8 million in damages…obviously a LOT of rodents, reminiscent of the movie Mouse Hunt.

“Drowned Dresses” from November 2009 is a case right out of a Saturday morning cartoon.   ” A Major Bridal Bummer” – Visualize…Car hits fire hydrant. Hydrant starts a geyser that shoots onto the air and collects on the flat roof of a wedding dress boutique store. Water ponds, overloads and collapses a section of the roof destroying hundreds of designer gowns.

There might even be a few lessons learned in some of these failures but at the very least, maybe they will bring a smile to your face.

Have you observed or read about a weird or funny failure?  If so, leave us a note.  Reader comments are welcome and  those examples submitted that fit the category will be permanently added to the Weird Failures log for all to enjoy.

To get things started, a couple of additional, albiet older, examples have been brought over from the Failures Wiki.  Enjoy!

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