Metrodome Roof Reconstruction Authorized

 The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) has announced that it is accepting the bid by Birdair, the only one received, for a complete roof replacement to the Metrodome.  MSFC also indicated that it expects the full $17,973,245. roof replacement cost to be covered by insurance.  Two other firms, Hightex and USA Shade (aka Fabritec)  were interested in the project but were unable to guarantee substantial completion by August 1, 2011 in time to allow a Viking preseason game on August 12 or 13. 

Birdair is expected to begin work as early as March 17.  Geiger Engineers is serving as the Engineer of Record (EOR) on the project.  In approving the project, MSFC acknowledge that Birdair had already performed the necessary modeling and pattern engineering (early and at their own risk) which will now go to the EOR for review and approval.  Birdair currenly has some fabric available to start the project in their fabrication facility and expects the remainder to be produced in their  fabric manufacturing plant in Tijuana Mexico.

Substantial Completion Date is Critical:

The project General Conditions provides for a Locked Incentive  Date (LID) potential payment of $500,000. provided Birdair achieves Substantial Completion on or before August 1, 2011.  At the same time, penalties for non-completion by the date of Substantial Completion  include  $20,000 per calendar day during the period of August 2 – 13, 2011 and $700,000 for each missed Minnesota Vikings scheduled home football game after the August 1 date.

Complete Documentation on the Metrodome Roof Collapse and Reconstruction

MSFC has posted a comprehensive Metrodome roof collapse and reconstruction section at their website that provides news releases and updates, copies of the engineering reports photographs, and even panel-by-panel damage documentation and photographs.  The information is available to the public by using the link provided below: 

“]Latest Metrodome Updates

Photos from the start of construction are also available from the Star Tribune. 1st Constructin Photos

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