Tohoku, Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Engineering Information Clearinghouse

In the immediate aftermath of the Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami it was difficult to find solid engineering and scientific information among the thousands of news reports, photographs and  video. Even now we are just beginning to get what will eventually amount to huge volumes of reconnaissance information, engineering reports and scientific papers that will provide valuable lessons learned from the buildings, structures and infrastructure that failed. 

One item of note, the USGS has updated the magnitude of the March 11, 2011, Tohoku earthquake  to 9.0 from the previous estimate of 8.9.  Other independent Japanese seismologists have also updated their estimate of the earthquake’s magnitude to 9.0.  At a  magnitude of 9.0,  the earthquake ranks as the fourth largest in the world since 1900 and the largest in Japan since modern instrumental recordings began 130 years ago.

(Photo Credit:  Wikipedia Commons- Author: Kuha455405)


The intent of this post is to begin to assemble a list of the more comprehensive information clearinghouse type sites as follows:

June 30, 2011 Update:  New video showing an aspect of the tsunami’s destruction has surfaced and can be viewed below

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