Albany Expressway Closed: 10 FT. Long Cracks Found

According to the NY State Department of Transportation (DOT), two 10-foot long cracks were found in two pier cap support beams in the South Mall Expressway leading to the Dunn Memorial Bridge.  Officials expect the expressway, currently closed in both directions, to remain out of use until at least the end of July.  The merits of a temporary vs permanent repair are still being considered by DOT officials.  Updated travel advisories and lane closing notices due to the emergency are available at NY DOT.

The cause of the cracks have not yet been determined but that hasn’t kept some from speculating that this case is another example of aging infrastructure problems throughout the country from poor planning and underfunding for projects.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishes an annual Report Card on the status of various aspects of our infrastructure.  The latest report ranks bridges as a “C” and roads as a dismal “D-“.  See the complete report card and details at the ASCE Report Card.

More information on the Expressway Closing  including local response, photographs and alternate driving routes for those in the area are available from 

Flickr Photo of South Albany Expressway from dougtone photostream.

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