AE 537 Building Failures – Your First Post – First Login

AE 537 Building Failures - Your First Post - First Login

AE 537 Class:

Welcome to Building Failures Forum.  This is the site that you will be using for a variety of class functions including information searches, case studies, failures news and most importantly, as a discussion forum.

Topics presented in class, particularly some of those by selected guest speakers will require you to provide  follow up discussion through this forum.  Some of your discussion posts are private to the class and not available to the general public (depending on the topic and the participation of the guest speaker)  which is why a password is sometimes, but not often, required for the discussion activities on this site.  In some cases, if time and schedule permits, the AE 537 Practitioner Guest Speaker will participate in the discussion and comments as well .  The site in general, including your discussions, will be monitored and occasionally moderated (comments added) by Professor Parfitt.

Password and Initial Posting

Posting of comments (discussions) on this site require moderator (MKev) approval in order to avoid the site from being spammed.  This slows the group discussion and defeats the point of the forum.  However, trusted users (you) can be allowed to post outside the moderator framework if they previously had a post / comment approved.  For this reason, each student is required to post an initial “dummy comment” to this particular Topic Post so that it can be approved; thereby permitting all your future comments to post without  individual comment specific approval.  As such, we will minimize any delays in having the group see your discussion comments and opinions.  There are a few exceptions which can trigger a hold on your post for site security purposes and we will discuss those in class in more detail.

Note:  Any basic text constitutes an initial “dummy comment”.   For example: “Hi MKev.” 

When a password is required, the password will be the same for all discussions and will be provided in class or by way of a PSU Canvas Announcement / notification.  Do not provide the password to anyone outside of AE 537.  You should not need a password to access this post initially in order to set up your username etc.   If you experience any problems, be sure to contact Professor Parfitt via Canvas.

After the initial setup when we begin using the discussion feature on a regular basis, you will be directed to individual discussions via a link sent out by Professor Parfitt or classroom announcement which will tell you to go to the “Recent Posts” to look for the topic or Guest Lecture Topic Name.


Prior to making the first  sample post, you are required to log in with an email address and select a username that you will use for the entire semester.  You must select a username that can be identified by the course instructor and the other students in the class.  First name with last initial is recommended.  (e.g. Kevin P) Note: If you log in with a different email address and/or username, the system will treat this as a New User and your comments will need moderated again.  Please keep track of your sign in information to avoid the need to re-initiate your trusted user status each time you comment.


Participation in the Discussions is a required part of the course.  Evaluation will be based on consistency of participation (read this as remembering to go on line and do it), posting your comments within the required time frame, appropriateness (quality) of your comments and effort in maintaining the discussion (responding to comments addressed to your comments and observations as appropriate).

Providing meaningful comments and information obtained from outside the Guest Lecture are considered a high level of participation.  Comments such as “I liked the speaker’s tie” (even if you did!) are considered low level and essentially non participation.

For some of the discussions, a student or pair of students may be assigned to be the initiator / moderator.  This will be explained in class but the student moderators are responsible for keeping the discussion going and keeping things on track.  MKev  will do this or certainly help with this the first couple of times until everyone gets the hang of things.  In lieu of a discussion post, some topics will be discussed in the next class after the guest speaker (schedule permitting).  MKev or students will be the moderator for those classroom discussions.

Yes, evaluation of your participation is somewhat subjective on the part of the course instructor.  However, there will be a record of all the discussions and if you don’t think your overall end of semester evaluation in this category was fair, we can always give it another look.

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