Solutions for the Built World: Case Studies in Building Structures Investigations

Solutions for the Built World: Case Studies in Building Structures Investigations

This presentation is made each year to the Penn State AE 537 Class during the first week of September.  Paul J. Parfitt, S.E., P.E., Senior Associate, WJE is the visiting practitioner who provids the talk.   Mr. Parfitt discusses various categories of investigations that are customized and carried out appropriate to the type of problem to be solved or the need of the client.  Categories of investigations discussed included investigation for repair (PT inspections / repair), immediate response (failures / disasters /snow collapse) and the specialized investigation and testing techniques related to historic preservation and restoration.  Sample case studies of all these categories are discussed including the various tools and skills necessary for the particular situation ranging from industrial rope access to the use of specialized non-destructive field testing to the role of the testing laboratory.  Mr. Parfitt also comments on the background and knowledge learned in AE at Penn State relative to the skills that will help students entering the forensic or building technology / waterproofing sectors of the industry.

For those interested in Post-Tensioning another presentation by Mr. Parfitt titled “SPECIALIZED POST-TENSIONING ASSESSMENT AND REPAIR OF BRIDGES” can be found here and the full article associated with this presentation is available in Canvas.

An excellent follow up article that compliments this presentation was written by Robert T. Ratay, PhD, P.E. and published in Structure magazine titled Professional Practice of Forensic Structural Engineering.  Students are encouraged to review this article in conjunction with the content of the seminar by Mr. Parfitt for inclusion in the online discussion that follows.



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