Industry Event Calendar

Check this page frequently for a brief Summary of industry conferences, conventions and events that contain papers, sessions or information on forensics, building failures and related issues:

6th Forensic Congress – Technical Council of Forensic Engineering, ASCE.  Planned for fall 2012 in San Francisco area.  Specific dates and website link will be provided here as soon as they are final, including the call for papers.

2012 Structures Congress – ASCE.  March 29-31 in Chicago.  The 2012 program will include 11 concurrent technical tracks that focus on the theme: “Forging Connections in the Windy City.” The sessions will demonstrate processes and present projects that are redefining structural engineering in the areas of bridge and transportation structures, buildings, and advances in research. 

2011 AEI National Conference – Architectural Engineering Institute of ASCE:  March 30 – April 2, 2011 in Oakland, CA.  AEI includes sessions and papers on the design and performance of structural and facade systems for building. 

42nd Structures Congress – ASCE:  April 14 – 16, 2011 in Las Vegas.  The 42nd Congress contains a number of structural, building performance, forensic and building failures sessions.

36th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop July 9 – 12 Broomfield Colorado.  Designed to bring hazards researchers and practitioners together for face-to-face discussions on issues and trends that affect how society deals with hazards and disasters.   The International Research Committee on Disasters (IRCD) Researchers Meeting and a Natural Hazard Mitigation Association add-on meeting will immediately follow the main Workshop from July 12-13.